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Expanding connectivity for urban and rural mobility.

Autonomous vehicles are the newest frontier in transportation space, and SHADO is at the forefront, developing its own Autonomous Shuttle using our patented, cutting-edge EV and autonomous driving technology.

Our driverless or self-driving shuttles provide a number of advantages that make them a perfect solution for congested urban setting and remote, hard to reach areas:

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Safer Roads

According to road safety statistics, 94 percent of fatal vehicle accidents are attributable to human error. Autonomous vehicles are safer and can react more quickly to dangerous situations than even the most skilled human drivers.

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Better Transportation Accessibility

Autonomous vehicles are ideal for first-mile/last-mile transport connecting commuters’ neighbourhoods to larger transportation networks. Autonomous Shuttle also offer safe, efficient, and cost-effective mobility solutions for local area transportation, such as college or industrial campuses or tourism areas.

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Reduced Travel Time and Cost

Autonomous vehicles can reduce travel times by up to 40%, significantly reducing costs due to vehicle operation as well as costs associated with lost productivity from traffic congestion.

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Reduced Traffic Congestion

Autonomous vehicles significantly reduce traffic congestion in two ways. First, they use available road space more efficiently, allowing more vehicles to travel smoothly at the same time. Second, because they are safer, the estimated 25% of traffic congestion caused by traffic incidents (according to a US government study) will be virtually eliminated.

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Reduced Air Pollution

Electric autonomous vehicles produce no harmful emissions, thus drastically reducing the impact of vehicle traffic on the environment.

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The SHADO Autonomous Shuttle combines state-of-the-art vehicle guidance and control technology with our robust, high performance electric vehicle technologies: rapid charging ultra-capacitor storage, UK-designed high output electric motor, and our patented Infinitely Variable Transmission.

All this makes the SHADO Autonomous Shuttle an unbeatable mobility solution, moving people efficiently with the utmost safety and comfort.


Autonomous Shuttle is offered in 1 configuration only : Lithium 

Dimension (L x W x H) 4290mm x 2090mm x 2525mm
Wheelbase 3036
Ground clearance 150mm
Turning Radius 6m
Seating Capacity 8 Seated + 8 Standing
Gross Vehicle Weight 3000kg
Payload Capacity 1200kg
Body Structure Steel and Fiberglass
Electric Motor Type LM D127x2
Max. Power Output 50.76kW
Normminal Power Output 25.12kW
Max. Torque 66.6Nm
Top Speed 35km/h
Range (Fullpayload) 120km
Gradeability 20%
Battery Storage Technology Lithium
Energy Capacity 19.2kWh
Voltage 72
**Maximum Charging Cycle** 15,000
Charger 220V - 240V
Charging Time ~6.5hrs
Drive Concept 4 Wheel Drive
Front Suspension Independent, Airbellow
Rear Suspension Independent, Airbellow
Steering System Autonomous remote
Transmission Single Speed + ECVT
Brake System Autonomous, Remote 4 Wheel Disk Brakes, Hydraulic Park Brake
Tyre Size 165/80 R15
Wheel Type Steel Wheel