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The ATLAS 80 is an autonomous vehicle built for robust and light-duty indoor and outdoor work.  The system is carefully designed to be modular with different attachments for indoor and outdoor logistical work.

Designed with our proprietary, Long-Life Rapid Charging System, it is uniquely positioned to offer 24x7 operations with charging cycles of less than 7 minutes – Indefinitely improving operational productivity. Most importantly, our batteries are designed for up to 50,000 Duty Cycles without the need of replacing the battery packs, outlasting conventional Lithium Batteries by 20X.

The ATLAS 80 is designed to be easily programmed for multiple industrial and commercial use, employing the best of Sensor Fusion Technology for improved Autonomous Capabilities.

ATLAS 80 - Side View.png


The ATLAS 80 is designed with two main principles - Strength and Reliability. We believe in ensuring that our Autonomous Logistical Series is reliable and tough enough for our client's daily logistical operations. We have also designed the ATLAS 80 as a modular system that allows for different types of sensors to be installed. This future-proofing protects the investment of our clients where the components can be easily updated as technology evolves.


The ATLAS 80 is designed with the latest power storage technology available.  Currently, the usage of Lithium Batteries will reduce its battery life significantly. However, by using our latest Capacitive Battery Technology, our power storage outlasts standard Lithium Batteries by 20X without degradation due to High Rapid Current Charging.  Our Batteries charge up to 150 Amp, exceeding standard charging methods due to the usage of our Proprietary ‘DROPCHARGING’ methodology.

Using this methodology, we are able to create a high power charging system without the need of our customers to implement 3-phase power connections. This solution uses standard single-phase 240V-13 amp plugs, saving infrastructure cost and can easily be enhanced in the future for Solar Charging of our Vehicle Solutions.



Ensuring the ATLAS 80 is reliable, our chassis is purposefully designed for uneven roads. With the inbuilt of proprietary articulated chassis, we are able to ensure all 4 wheels are on the ground regardless of the unevenness (to a maximum of 10 cm variation). This enables the ATLAS 80 to work both indoors and outdoors with stability. In addition to that, the chassis is designed for a total weight of up to 500kg.




To maintain future-proofing and allowing continued protection of our clients' asset investment, we have designed the ATLAS 80 to be modular and be easily enhanced with different software modules and control systems.

We have a created a proprietary software that is designed into 2 major software architectural layers: Machine Logic and High Computing Algorithmic. By separating our software to machine level logic, we are able to ensure the fastest response time of decision processing to supercede the slower but more complex decision-making layer of our software. This unique separation allows our system to be more responsive to environmental changes and improve safety aspects of our vehicle solutions. It also allows complex work to be programmed in the future.

While we have invested into our proprietary software, we are cognizant that the software developments are constantly changing and improving. For this reason, we have designed our ATLAS 80 to separate out the AI portion versus the brawn mechanical spinal system. This once again, helps our clients to future-proof their investment whenever they wish to adopt new and improved software algorithms into our hardware architecture.



Standard Option
Gross Unit Weight 90kg
Carrying Load 80kg
Top Speed Up to 2m/s
Wheel Motor 24V hub wheel motors
Battery Power 24V @ 8aH Size can be increaased depending upon customer requirements
BATPACK Rapid Charging system including intelligent charging station (contact-based) 7 minutes @ 50,000 duty cycles @ up to 150 Amp (with safety sensor)
Range 5km (without load)
Hill Climb 6% (with 50kg load)
Chassis Hardened aluminium with articulated 4 wheels for increased stability
Electronic Manual Control Wireless Joystick
Control Panel Key, suspend/resume, emergency stop
Ultrasound perimeter sensors 360° ultrasound sensors
Inbuilt electronics Accelerometer, GPS, Wheel Encorder, Voltage and Amp sensors, WIFI through GSM
Base System (without autonomous module) 2 year parts and labour warranty including batteries
ATLAS 80 - Front View.png
ATLAS 80 - Side View.png
Other Options
Autonomous system for logistics
This is SHADO in-house autonomous drive system including microcontroller and computer system
Induction wireless charging 2.2 kW or 3 kW
LIDAR (front) 2 m, 8 m, 20 m
LIDAR (top) 2 m, 8 m, 20 m
Camera 30fps, 72fps
Lifting Platform 80kg