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Founded in 2014, SHADO is the result of a collaboration among a group of engineers who saw that solutions to traffic congestion and air pollution in congested countries lie in innovating energy efficiency for vehicles. Today, SHADO continues to evolve and innovate its patented cutting-edge technology to provide highly efficient, sustainable mobility solutions.

Built on our 4 core technologies -- rapid charging ultra-capacitor energy storage systems, UK-designed electric motor, and our patented infinitely variable transmission and autonomous driving systems – SHADO provides the best-in-class mobility solutions to meet the demands of commercial and industrial application while complying to cities and countries around the globe to reduce carbon emissions, reduce fossil fuel dependency and maximizing clean energy efficiency.

Spearheading sustainability with mobility solutions to reduce power consumption and pollution in congested countries


Our Four Core Technologies give SHADO vehicles their innovative edge

Unique Ultra-Capacitor Charging System: Provides up to 5X longer battery life than conventional lithium batteries and rapid charging within minutes at maximum efficiency

Lightweight UK-designed Electric Motor: High power in a small, high-efficiency package.

Patented Infinitely Variable Transmission: Automatically manages the transfer of motor power to the wheels to efficiently maximize energy and deliver excellent control in all driving conditions.

Autonomous Vehicle Systems: Our proprietary autonomous vehicle capabilities provide the ultimate in safety and efficient operation.

The complete range of electric mobility solutions from SHADO offer high efficiency, round-the-clock connectivity, state of the art vehicle management and control, and robust construction that minimizes maintenance costs and maximizes battery life.




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