SHADO was founded in 2014 by a group of engineers who believe in solving the problem of terrible traffic congestion in areas like India. We believe that by innovating in the space of electrical motors and transmission system, they would be able to address the “emitted pollution issues” and “traffic woes”.

Today, SHADO continuously builds and innovates cutting-edge technology and is committed to solve transportation and various industries’ inefficiencies through their vehicles. They are currently working on the Freights and Logistical sector for both Sea & Airports and personal transportation like bicycles, for the sharing economy.




What we set out to do

To constantly be a radical force in vehicle technology yet making it simple for everyone.

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SHADO invents products with two main principles in our minds - Efficiency and Simplicity. Our products have to be simple for everyone’s usage and efficiently improve current situations.

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SHADO is happy to collaborate with companies that shares the same vision of the Sharing Economy and Clean Energy. We believe in working together to make the bigger vision of Transportation and Energy Disruption a reality.

If you like our Bicycles or Autonomous Vehicles, let us talk more!